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Handmade Baby Yoda
“Baby Yoda,” Star Wars' lovable creature. Hand crocheted with acrylic yarn that is machine washable and dryable. The coat is removable Approximately 11 inches high.
Handmade Bunny Rabbit
Hand crocheted, machine-washable/dryable. Perfect for dragging around. Safety eyes are suitable for all ages. Approximately 17 inches high. 
Handmade Marvel Charac...
Hand crocheted Marvel characters. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Captain America are crocheted with machine-washable/dryable, acrylic yarn. All are made with safety eyes so they are safe for toddler age children....
Handmade Ninja Turtle
The last one in the collection left! Leonardo is hand crocheted with machine-washable/dryable acrylic yarn. Has safety eyes making it safe for toddler age children.  (Other characters available as a...
Handmade Pokemon Chara...
Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur are hand made with machine-washable/dryable acrylic yarn and safety eyes! Perfect for toddlers and children. Each character is approximately 7 inches high.         
Handmade Teddy Bear
Hand crocheted, machine-washable/dryable. Multi-colored. Safety eyes are appropriate for all ages. Approximately 14 inches high.
Handmade Unicorn Purse
Hand crocheted 3-dimensional Unicorn purse.  Machine washable/dryable.
Handmade Unicorn Purses
Hand crocheted magical unicorn purses Machine washable/dryable.